Light Forest Rain

Rain On Glass

Light Rain ( Thunder )

Heavy Rain


Calm Stream

Forest River

Mountain Stream

Calm Stream ( Birds )

Night Ambience

Active Campfire

Soft Campfire

Howling Wind

Cabin Sounds


Why is the audio feature disabled on IOS ?

I initially wanted to allow all users the ability to change the individual volume on each sound, but found that this feature does not work for ios users. Apple has disabled this feature for IOS devices so that is out of my control. If you want the ability to change the individual audios, I would recommend using a computer or an android device. For more information please see this article: Link.

What does RainBG do?

RainBG is a background noise website that creates soothing soundscapes. These audios include Rain, Forest noises, streams, fires and dozens more. The goal of this website is to help people relax and listen to audio without needing multiple tabs open. Likewise, users can play multiple audios at the same time to create new sounds. I created this website as a way to play relaxing audio without needing to pay for youtube premium or spotify. Rather, each sound will play for as long as you want and does not have any annoying ads.